Magic Happened While Shooting the Kickstarter Video

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I got some friends together to shoot some tabletop RPG demo footage for my Kickstarter video and, while I haven’t edited it yet, I came to some awesome conclusions:

  1. I should make a demo video for the game and system — and I should find some way to get my GM, John Joyner, to run demos at Friendly Local Game Stores, because he’s awesome.
  2. My team is good enough to make a killer podcast. So I’m going to start inviting people and host a video podcast.

Aren’t there too many podcasts?

I don’t think there are enough, honestly.

I want to focus and center it around what I was blogging about — leveling up your life. Of course, I can’t call it that. There are already a few podcasts out there with the same name.

Anybody care to help me name it? I need some suggestions. I could just call it “The Robert Davis Podcast”.


But the idea of “leveling up” is more interesting to me than something topical, like gaming or working out or surfing or MMA or comedy or any of my other interests. It’s one thing common to high level practitioners of the things I love.

Leveling up, to me, begins with that moment of commitment and following through on that commitment and the magic that happens afterward, when work is applied. And it is a constant process of making high level behavior habitual. At least it has been for me. I would very much like to dive into others’ lives and processes and hear other ideas.

So what was magical about the shoot?

Honestly, the people I worked with on this video, which will end up being multiple videos.

The project itself. The game is fun, easy to play, scalable in complexity (depth and breadth), and not at all intimidating for new and experienced players alike.

My game group for the shoot was comprised of an experienced GM and three people who have never played a tabletop RPG before. They had no idea “what to do” and got up to speed within a few minutes, found themselves laughing, plotting, and fighting a fearsome monster within a half hour. Watching them play inspired me to push bigger, higher, and harder to make this system a reality. They literally went from “what the heck is this?” to “I really want to play some more!”

And my friend Hayato shooting the video was patient, effective, and did a tremendous job. I want to work with him as much as I can.

And when it came time to talk about the project, I felt so natural that hosting a podcast seemed like the most logical step to take in the world.

Hopefully, I’ll have some footage for you guys this week!



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