Gearing Up For Kickstarter

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The Eldritch Heroes Player’s Handbook is almost complete!

I know I must look crazy.

The doubters have easy ammunition:

The competition is big.

The big game companies are established and have historically had an unassailable iron grip on the pen-and-paper roleplaying market, even when the products themselves have had sub-par editions.

One of the games I’m up against is a descendant (in name, at least) of the game that basically invented the tabletop RPG. It’s a name that’s so ubiquitous and grandfatherly that I don’t have to say it for you to know what I’m talking about.

I don’t have a huge budget. Or a particularly slick presentation.

A “little guy” can’t compete.

I’m breaking in a system that uses some of the tabletop RPG conventions: dice, initiative rolls, magic, monsters, etc. but isn’t a rehash of someone else’s system. The accepted logic is that gamers are comfortable, complacent, and resistant to change.

I disagree.

My Skills & Talents system starts with a setting that combines high fantasy and eldritch weirdness in a unique way.

Many other settings are on the way, with a similar approach: Superheroes, dimension-hopping, space opera, other fantasy settings, modern-day supernatural, and more — and the system is designed to integrate these settings and new rules seamlessly, allowing for easy crossover.

It plays fast and as simple or complex as your group wants, using conventions that feel familiar with a new rules system that makes sense.

The artwork covers the subject material, but with a refreshing take. It sets the mood and builds intrigue.

The math works.

It’s a polished, professional game developed over many years.

And, most importantly, it’s a lot of fun!!!

Imagine playing a medieval fantasy sorcerer who summons surreal creatures from unknown dream realms, warping just a little with every magical effect. Or a warrior who hurls sand into an opponent’s eyes, and then closes in and throws elbows to the bridge of the nose. Or an escaped insectoid slave, teaming with adventurers to find a lost queen egg with dreams of reviving the hive of your race. Or an acrobat with a mysterious sigil on her forehead and a twisted destiny that haunts her every decision. Or… anything you can dream of.

Did I mention that it’s a lot of fun?

And it’s easy for new people to learn quickly and get into, so any group of friends can be brought together to play.

The Kickstarter is going to launch fairly soon. The rules system is almost fully transcribed, the artwork is in place, I’m laying the groundwork for people to talk about it, and me and some friends start shooting the project video on Thursday.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it!



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