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Chump Trump

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What is Chump Trump?

Chump Trump is a Mobile game. I wanted to make a casual tapping game that was fast-paced (like old school arcade games), silly, and fun to play! While the game is called “Chump Trump”, it is apolitical and makes fun of both “sides”.

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Space Shooter

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Still Untitled

Our new space shooter is still untitled, because “Space Shooter” is a pretty bad name. And it obscures the fun parts of this game. I’m designing it to require a game pad and the theme will be Dreamlands-in-Space. It starts off normal enough: a rebel group that disappeared into space decades ago return with advanced technology, bent on enslaving humanity. You escape, hoping against desperate odds to stop them… and discover that much weirder things lurk in the icy depths of space!

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